Pregnancy, such as special time in the life of a woman. Especially when she starts to feel the baby move. Sometimes the father feels a little left out, because he cannot feel the movements unless it is strong enough for him to feel through putting his hands on the mother’s belly. Now, problem solved…

To allow fathers to be more involved in pregnancy, a Danish company has developed an interactive bracelet that allows future fathers to feel the kicks and movements of their child in their mother’s belly.

The device is called Fibo and looks like a cross between a fitness bracelet and a smartwatch, but it has a completely different purpose. To work, it must be coupled with a sort of adhesive that must be placed on the belly of the future mother, and which detects the movements of the fetus: Fibo imitates them in real time.

fiboMany fathers we talked to told us that they realised they had brought a new life into the world when they first felt the baby’s heart beat. We want this feeling to last longer,”  explained Sandra Pétursdóttir of First Bond Wearables, the company that launched Fibo.

Fathers are left a little aside, while the mother goes through a series of changes in her body and feels a little life grow in her belly,” continues the head of research and development.