A bungling thief managed to shoot himself when a gun hidden in his trousers went off as he was attempting to rob a city bus. The man was caught on a CCTV camera on the bus as he fumbled with what appeared to be an assault rifle trucked into the front of his jeans.

The video shows the man struggling to get the gun out as it is caught on his T-shirt and jumper. Seconds later, the weapon fires off and goes flying towards the ceiling of the bus. The thief is flung towards the floor of the vehicle and appears to cower by chairs as stunned passengers look round. Police say the incident happened in the town of Tlajomulco de Zuniga in Jalisco, western Mexico.

Picture: CEN
Picture: CEN

Video of the shooting appears to have been recorded on the afternoon of December 27. The black and white footage – which went viral on social media – begins with the gunman and another man boarding together. Witnesses told local media that the men got off the bus together at the next stop with the injured gunman appearing disoriented.

They have not yet been identified and authorities are unsure of the injured man’s current condition. Police believe the man had intended to rob passengers on the bus and their investigation is ongoing.

Source: Metro.co.uk