Malta opened the final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and what a blast it was.

Michela’s performance was spot on with amazing vocals, visuals and choreography. It was great to see Michela feeling so confident on stage, so much so that she even managed a few more dance moves tonight. We are sure that those who complained about her being static during the semi final, are now as satisfied as we all are.

Michela Pace - Chameleon - Malta

There has been a debate online on whether having been the first performance in tonight’s final would have posed as an advantage or disadvantage. However, now let’s be honest, Michela’s exceptional performance will be hard to forget. And if you want to make sure that the public out there does not forget… make sure to share her performance and invite and family and friend abroad to vote #01 Michela – Chameleon!

Watch Michela’s performance from tonights grand final.

Wishing her all the very best and no matter what happens you have already made us proud.