To lose weight, the secret is actually simple: check the size of the portions, trying to reduce them. In short, eating whatever you want, but a little less, would be a much more effective strategy than many “creative” solutions that can also be very dangerous

A tip given by some nutritionists is to use smaller plates, but a couple of British designers have introduced a perhaps even more effective solution: to use mirrors on the plates, to make them seem doubly full and therefore “trick” you into eating less.

mirror plates

In addition to a diet tool, the “Half / Full” line (this is the name of “dishes with a mirror”) also wants to be an artistic experiment to reflect on the risks of food shortages in the near future, due to the increase in population world economy and climate change.

In the near future, the effects of climate change will be felt on global food production. When we imagine a future with growing food shortages, we need to ask ourselves how to adapt our appetite and lifestyle, ” the designers explain.

Although the idea of ​​influencing the appetite with mirrors may seem curious, it is based on scientific studies: a research conducted by the University of Tokyo showed that the apparent volume of food influences the satisfaction of lunch.