It seems a story of the past: a child is not invited to a birthday party because he is a boy with Downs Syndrome. And what makes us think more is that it is not the companions who exclude him, but the parents of the latter, who should teach their children that everyone should be accepted. Diversity must not be frightening, on the contrary it must enrich.


Sawyer’s mother, Jennifer Kiss-Engele, the  rejected child, has decided to write an open letter on Facebook to tell everyone that:

Having down’s syndrome does not mean that you do not have feelings.

sawyer fb post

Parents who did not want to invite Sawyer did it knowingly and not because the child is unpleasant, unsociable or annoying, but only because he has Down syndrome, writes Jennifer (other mothers like her have written open letters to defend their children with Down syndrome). Who excluded him maybe has no idea what Down syndrome is, continues the disappointed mother. If they knew about this pathology, they would know that the people who are affected…

Want to have friends, they want to be loved, they want to participate, they want to have a full life and they want to go to birthday parties. Perhaps my son is more difficult to understand, but the laughter and love you share do not need interpretation.

It is possible that Sawyer’s classmate did not want him at his party, but this does not justify the parents who allowed him to invite everyone, excluding one child:

I’m sure as parents you want the same things I want for my son. We want them to be happy, to have friends and not be put aside. Bot how can we achieve these things if we do not encourage children to make choices that they do not yet full understand?

Jennifer’s post has gone viral and has received thousands of shares. But above all it reached the goal set: to integrate little Sawyer in his class. The child then received a special invitation from that parent who initially excluded him.