A tragedy in New York, precisely in the Queens neighborhood, where a 3-year-old girl was burned alive inside a car.

Zoey’s father, Martin Pereira, 39, was depressed and sad about the end of his relationship with his partner. He then decided on a brutal revenge that would serve as a lesson to the child’s mother. He kidnapped Zoey and locked her in his own car, then set fire to the car and in a short time the flames enveloped the vehicle, leaving no way out for the child who struggled to death – she was burned alive.


He, who intended to commit suicide with his daughter, ran into a pond in Queens and threw himself in trying to put out the flames. Although the rescue operations were very fast, for little Zoey, there was nothing to do. Martin was transported to the hospital with second and third degree burns.

Martin Pereira and Cherone Coleman were separated. This last Sunday evening Cherone had warned the police that Martin had gone to pick up Zoey, and was violent almost as if he was kidnapping her. Therefore this is a tragedy that could have been avoided, while one of the relatives commented: “He has not been himself since their story was over. What he did is inhumane, even animals wouldn’t go that far. We imagined that after the end of the relationship with Cherone he wanted to take revenge, but we certainly could not have thought that he would have done it by killing an innocent child who is his daughter and my niece. I say honestly: I would like to see him dead”.

For now, no charges have been made against Martin, there is only the suspected murder of a 3-year-old child while they await the investigators’ various investigations and an autopsy on Zoey’s charred body.