The attack in New Zealand against two mosques has been “documented” by terrorists on social media. 

A live broadcast during the assault that was published on Facebook told the horror minute by minute. In the images we see a car full of weapons carrying the command that goes to the two mosques of Christchurch. 

The terrorists stop the vehicle just a few steps from the entrance of one of the two mosques. After opening the trunk they take up arms and head towards the mosque’s courtyard. They immediately start firing. In the murderous delirium of the 4 members of the commando (3 men and a woman, as reconstructed by the police) there is a lucid death plan.

new zealand bombers

The shocking images of the video show the weapon loaders with some wording against immigrants and Muslims. In one of the shippers there is also a dedication to Luca Traini, the boy who in Macerata opened fire against immigrants some time ago. The video clearly shows the clarity of the terrorists who did not scruple in carrying out the death plan also on social media. 

The authorities asked the social media to remove images from the web and in fact a response came from a Facebook spokeswoman in this sense: “The New Zealand police had alerted us about the video on Facebook shortly after the live streaming began and we quickly removed both the video and the attacker’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Video, however, removed too late.