Video posted on social media in Brazil shows the sickening moment a teenage girl forced her one-year-old nephew to smoke weed, while the boy’s mother sat watching in the background.

A cellphone video of the shocking scene went viral after Maydlla Façanha, 14, recorded herself smoking marijuana before she passed the joint to her nephew Miguel. After placing the joint inside the toddler’s mouth, Façanha told him in Portuguese, ‘smoke here.’

She then joked, ‘Miguel, you’re drooling all over it, Miguel.’ A male in the background then called the little boy a baboon. Façanha continued to smoke before she once again extended the joint to her nephew. Miguel appeared to inhale the weed before trying to blow it out.

brazil family weed incidentHis four-year-old sister, Vitória, can be heard shouting, ‘Look mum, look who’s smoking here.’ Multiple voices in the background can be heard saying, ‘More, more, more’. Façanha offered Vitória the marijuana but she quickly turned it down. The aunt then turned the camera to her nephew and made him take a toke one more time before she ended the 46-second video.

The Sao Paulo Civil Police was alerted to the residence and arrested Miguel’s mother, Luana Cardoso da Silva, and another adult. Three minors, including Façanha, were also apprehended but later released. Police also seized 50 small bundles of marijuana from a closet inside the home and charged Cardoso da Silva with drug trafficking.