A decorator painting the outside of a house came crashing down to the ground when his ladder suddenly gave way beneath him. CCTV footage shows his ladder propped up against the three-storey building he was painting and tied to a door for stability in Lima, Peru.

But in the clip, an elderly man approaches the ladder in a wheelchair and starts violently shaking it until decorator Fernández Sanchez, 46, comes crashing down. It is believed the pensioner became enraged because the ladder was blocking his path. A resident told local media:

‘The man becomes upset when there is something on the sidewalk. He always speaks rudeness.’

In the video, Mr Sanchez appears hurt at first but manages to get to his feet and prop himself up against a car. A pedestrian who walks over to help him looks at the pensioner, who starts shaking his fists while apparently trying to justify his actions.

Mr Sanchez was later taken to hospital but did not suffer serious injuries, according to local news outlet RPP Noticias. Police are investigating the incident in the San Martin de Porres district and are working to confirm the elderly man’s identity. The owner of the house, Adam Carranza, said he and his granddaughter could have been hurt if the ladder had fallen the other way.

Source: Metro.co.uk