A singular story sees the multinational PepsiCo and thirteen peasants fighting. The story, in short, sees David and Goliath opposed.

Pepsi has sued farmers, guilty of having grown without authorisation a variety of potato that the company has registered and another in which it holds the exclusive rights. Four of the peasants are from the state of Gujarat, the other nine of the districts of Sabrarkantha and Aravalli. The multinational giant has asked the first four compensation of 125 thousand Euro each, and 25 thousand to the other nine.

The case of the four Gujarat farmers were accused was discussed at the commercial court in Ahmedabad, the capital. The magistrates did not make decisions: in fact, during the hearing, PepsiCo proposed that the farmers, instead of paying compensation, sign a declaration recognising that the ownership of the rights to their potatoes belongs to the multinational and they commit themselves to deliver to PepsiCo the next harvest.

The farmers’ lawyer, Anand Yagnik, did not immediately accept the mediation proposal, also because there is a strong mobilisation of activists who demand that the state side with the peasants to support their full innocence and save the crops. The final sentence was moved to the next hearing, which will be held on 12th of June.