Another message during the meeting at the Vatican with British homosexual comedian Amos. Pope Francis is convinced that those who reject homosexuals “do not have a human heart”.

He said this during a conversation with British comedian Stephen K. Amos, whose content was broadcast by the BBCThe public broadcaster published on social networks an excerpt of the conversation in which we see Amos explaining to the Pope that he is not a believer and that he went to Rome “in search of answers and faith”.

The comedian participated in a program called Pilgrimage: The Road To Rome, in which eight famous people, all with different beliefs and faiths, wear backpacks and trekking shoes and walk along the Italian stretch of the ancient Via Francigena, which begins in Canterbury and ends up in Rome: they only have 15 days to walk 1,000 kilometers.

“As a gay, I don’t feel accepted,” says Amos. And Pope Francis immediately replies that giving “more importance to the adjective (‘gay’) than to the noun (‘man’) is not good”.

“We are all human beings, we have dignity, if one person has a tendency or another, this does not take away his dignity as a person”, argues the Pope. “People who decide to refuse people for the adjective, are people who do not have a human heart .”

After the famous phrase “who am I to judge a gay”, even this intervention by the Pope, will not fail to make people think.