Forced to give birth in a prison cell alone… The video below shows a pregnant prisoner, about to give birth, forced to do everything by herself, guarded only by the guards.┬áDiana Sanchez, 26, was in the Denver County jail on identity theft charges when she was in labour.

The woman said she told the guards she was in labour, but received no help. No one has bothered to give her health care, to check that things went the right way, to ask her if she wanted an epidural. The woman had to do everything by herself, in an environment not suitable for giving birth to a child, without a doctor to help her and her unborn child.

The images from the prison show only a nurse coming in after the birth and taking the baby away, leaving the woman still on the bed without assistance. After a few minutes, an ambulance was called to avoid any trouble due to any complications. Fortunately, everything went well and there were no consequences for either the mother or her son, but the woman decided to report the incident.

An investigation has now been launched to clarify the issue. It was said that everything was done according to practice and that none of his men ever put the prisoner in a dangerous condition.

Warning: This video includes images and or audio that some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Watch at own discretion.