A bus driver, 47-year-old Ousseynou Sy, an Italian citizen of Senegalese origin, hijacked the vehicle he was driving, loaded with 51 junior high school students and three carers, and once stopped by the police, he set it on fire.

Everyone got out of the bus safely, even if some of them needed to be taken to the hospital.

senegalese driver accident

The separated man had married an Italian woman and had two children aged 12 and 18. He had precedents for driving while intoxicated and sexual violence. He was arrested on charges of kidnapping, massacre and fire.

The driver, this morning was on regular service in Crema, where he loaded the students of the Vailati middle school who were supposed to go to a gym. From there, however, he actually diverted the vehicle saying he wanted to head for Linate.

A journey of terror, which lasted over half an hour, during which the man poured gasoline in the vehicle, claiming to want to stop the deaths in the Mediterranean. He forced even the teachers to tie some boys to seats with straps. Thanks to the alarm launched by one of the boys, the police intervened, and managed to locate the bus and in the surroundings of Peschiera Borromeo.

The man would have rammed some cars before being forced to crash. All the bus occupants managed to get out: dramatic moments filmed by passing motorists, while the driver then set fire to the bus. The boys were then taken to a school in San Donato, awaiting the arrival of relatives, apart from 12 hospitalised in green code, while an escort was admitted in a yellow code.