Now this is a first for us! Many of us would say they would never ever dream of going back to their ex, yet here she is, the exception to the rule!? She shows up at the wedding of her ex-boyfriend dressed as a bride and begs him to marry her.

A woman was immortalised while, dressed in a wedding dress, she literally broke into the wedding of her ex just a few minutes from his ‘signor si’ with another woman. In a video that circulated on the net we see the desperate girl throw herself at his feet to the astonishment of those present.

The young woman, dressed like a bride, begs him not to marry that woman, but to choose her. The groom, on the other hand, seems very unnerved and dismisses the girl sharply and decisively. “It was my fault,” shouts the ex, hoping to change his mind. The two would have left each other out of character incompatibility, but in response he tries to reassure his future wife that he doesn’t seem to like the scene at all.

The bride, the official one, in fact from the images seems (understandably) very angry, and after observing the scene, she removes her hand from that of her companion and moves away. He chases after her, trying to fix things while the former remains sitting on the ground in desperation. The video, which comes from China, was released on social media, making the world tour in a short time.