The eruption of Stromboli: the video of Stephen Berziga is doing around the web. It is the only one among those released so far show the exact time the explosion occurred on Wednesday 3 July 2019.

The video documents the full power of the eruption, the most important since 1985. An exceptional event that was impossible to predict and that caused the death of a hiker, Massimo Imbesi, 35 years old, killed by the rain of lava while he was on the top of the volcano with a friend who survived miraculously. Just the friend told the moments of terror lived and the horror of seeing his companion die under his eyes.

Many tourists, around a hundred, have preferred to leave the island of Stromboli after the eruption, although there has been no evacuation order. The situation today is back to normal, except for the war scenario that took place this morning in Ginostra, the most affected part of the island, entirely covered with pumice and with signs of fires caused by the rain of fire unleashed by the explosion.