The Frenchman JC Sheitan Tenet lost his right arm when he was very young, and he was resigned to the fact that he would never again use the arm for drawing, his great passion. Despite this he still managed to become a popular tattoo artist. But things have changed, and Sheitan is finally able to use his right arm again to make tattoos, thanks to the first prosthesis that incorporates a tattoo machine. He now proudly declares himself ambidextrous.

Sheitan had the idea for a “steampunk” prosthesis after meeting the artist Jean Louis Gonzales, who specialises in skulls and stuffed and mechanised animals, and asked him to work on some old prostheses that the tattoo artist had at home.

tattoo prosthetic arm

In the beginning, it was a purely artistic project, with the prosthesis that only needed to be decorative, and the tattoo machine was only meant to represent Sheitan’s passion. But then they realised that the machine could work, and well, and what was born as a “dynamic sculpture” has become a real work tool.

Needless to say, as soon as Sheitan went to the first tattoo convention with the prosthesis, he monopolised the attention of the visitors, and became a real star among fellow tattoo artists.