Watch: The First Full-Length Trailer For Disney’s Live-Action “Aladdin”

Are we the only one excited about the next ‘Aladdin’? Call us childish but we still like to watch cartoons and kids’ movies! Anyhow, ‘Aladdin’ arrives in theaters on May 24th.

The new trailer is chock-full of new footage, giving audiences glimpses of some of the film’s most iconic scenes. It begins with Aladdin running away from two men who are after him for stealing. Soon after, our destitute hero gets a look at Jasmine for the first time and they’re certainly giving each other what could only be described as the equivalent of the heart-eyes emoji come to life. And what’s most exciting is that we see Jasmine and Aladdin riding on the magic carpet while singing “A Whole New World” for the first time.

new aladdin movie poster