Dogs that often spend time alone at home will now be able to spend time watching TV, thanks to a new custom-made remote control that allows the animal to control the device.

The idea came from the English company Wagg, which specialises in the production of pet food, which conducted a survey that revealed that 91% of dog owners say their animal is watching TV with them. From there the idea of ​​allowing them to watch television even alone, when their master is not there.

With the help of an animal-machine interaction expert, they created the first remote control for dogs. It is a “giant” version of a normal remote control, with a few large buttons, made of ultra-resistant waterproof plastic, in so that the dog can play with it as with any other toy without damaging it.

dog remoteThe remote control allows you to switch on the TV, change channels and even pause the program and resume it. Now Wagg is subjecting the concept to various tests, and then he plans to let the remote control go into production to market it, even if a launch date has not yet been announced.

The idea has received many acclaim, but also some criticism: from those who dispute the fact that it is a good idea to encourage dogs to stay in front of the TV, to those who see an example of “wrong humanization” of the animal, to which one tries to attribute human behaviour without recognising, or respecting, its real nature.