It happens to everyone every now and again: we are doing something with the phone, answering a message or using some app, and maybe there is someone close to us with an eye on our screen, and we would much rather have our own business done. Obviously, the first solution would be to not use the phone in places where there is no privacy, but this is not always possible.

A Turkish inventor, Celal Göger, has devised a radical and total solution to the problem: special glasses that make the mobile phone screen visible only to you. The idea came to him just after experiencing a situation like the one we were describing: he was on the tram and he pulled out the phone to answer emails, and he realised that most of the passengers had their eyes on his screen. 

Fortunately, Göger is a smartphone expert, having had a cell phone repair shop since 1999. It is not clear at the moment how the system developed by the inventor technically works (a chip is installed on the phone, and then lenses are used presumably polarised), but the result is clear. At a normal glance, the phone screen appears completely white, leaving no information visible. But wearing glasses all the contents appear normally. There is only one funny side effect: often the inventor is heard to ask if he feels well, given that fixing a white screen (and maybe typing on it) undoubtedly seems strange to those who see the scene.

Initially, Göger had not even given too much weight to his invention, realised as a solution to a personal problem, but after some friends came to know it and asked to modify their phones, the fame of the inventor grew out of all proportion, even overcoming the borders of the country.