A video has been making its round on Facebook, where a concerned mother complains about what children are being taught during PSCD lessons, to the extent of calling them ‘diabolic’.

For us who do not have kids who attend PSCD lessons, it was quite puzzling trying to understand what was going on. Another parent however posted two images of the so called workbook the children are using during these lessons. Gives one food for thought…

The first workbook image shows the topic body changes where students are invited to circle with a pencil the body changes tat are different between the two sexes; while it asks them to circle with a pen the changes that are common. At first glance, it doesn’t look alarming to us… but once more, we do not have kids currently attending these lessons so we’d rather not judge those who do, they have all the right to be concerned….

Anyhow, we then took a look at the National Curriculum and we found that the aims of such lessons are to:

  • To define what puberty is.
  • Revision of male and female body parts
  • To identify the physical changes that are associated with puberty.
  • To reinforce that physical changes also mean sexual changes
  • To explore their knowledge and to understand the basic workings of the male and female reproductive system.
  • To identify the changes that take place during puberty.
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of personal hygiene especially, during puberty.

So there seems to be a valid reason for everything being taught, but as usual, we stand to be corrected… Below is the video circulating on social media… up to you to decide where you stand on this one!