When you boast of the many functions of your smartphone, someone teases you wondering if it also makes coffee? Now you can silence it: a mobile phone cover that also makes coffee has arrived.

The idea is of an Italian company, Smart K, which aimed to find a way to make the coffee always available 24 hours a day. And the association with the smonatone was natural, since they are objects that each of us has always with you.

Mokase was born, which is the first cover in the world to make coffee too. The cover has a small compartment where water and coffee is kept. When you want a cup, simply launch a special app that “commands” the cover to heat the coffee, which is then ready to be drunk in the cup laptop that accompanies the cover.

mokase cover coffee

Obviously the laws of physics cannot be altered, therefore the quantity of coffee that the cover is able to dispense is limited: it is possible to drink only a single cup of 25 ml (which is just a little less than a normal espresso), but that can still be useful for those who have no way of stopping for a coffee and can finally have one “on the move”.