The Kuandinsky Bridge, in the Russian region of Transbaikal, is probably the most dangerous vehicle bridge in the world.

The bridge crosses the Vitim river, for a total length of 570 meters, and the impressive thing is that it is not equipped with any kind of railings or other measures of waste that protect the cars from falling into the icy waters.

The bridge was supposedly a railway bridge, part of the line connecting Eastern Siberia to the extreme east of Russia, but it was never opened to the passage of trains, and so the inhabitants of the area started using it to cross the river by car.

The Kuandinsky Bridge

Since the bridge is not officially open to vehicle traffic (although the authorities do not do much to prevent the use, apparently), in its thirty years of life the bridge has never received maintenance, and the wooden planks show more and more cracks, especially when trucks pass by.

Crossing the bridge is a real challenge, especially in winter, and many motorists choose to open the windows along the way, even during the winter, so as to suffer less the impact of the strong wind that is sometimes encountered on the bridge, and which could push the car off the narrow path.

The dangerousness of the bridge has made it a real tourist attraction, with many onlookers coming from far away to test their courage by challenging the Kuandinsky.