The British designer Debbie Wingham presented the most expensive pair of shoes in the world. The shoes are decorated with precious metals and rare stones, and are on sale at a price of 15.1 million Dollars. The shoes would be commissioned by a family (whose name has not been made known) in Dubai to celebrate a special birthday.

Wingham is famous for  lavish creations and has worked for many celebrities, royalty and billionaires throughout her career. She is known for creating the most expensive dress in the world, a Red Diamond Abaya dress, which was decorated with over 2000 diamonds, including the most expensive red diamond in the world, and which has reached a price of 15.45 million Dollars. The designer also created a $64 million cake decorated with a diamond for a client from the United Arab Emirates.

Wingham’s latest creation is the result of a collaboration between her and the artist Chris Campbell, from Florida. Wingham contributed to the design while Campbell created the shoes, dedicating hundreds of hours of work.

Only on the heels are placed rare pink diamonds from three carats one-carat blue diamonds, which alone already cost $ 128,000. The shoes also have hinges and soles in solid gold, painted in 24 carat gold paint and the seams were made with 18 carat gold thread. Inside, the shoes are adorned with gold inlays. The shoes are finished with a touch of rose gold to give a slight contrast.

The creator explained : “Many of my clients have precious pieces of jewellery that are left in a safe and are only worn once or twice in a lifetime; by using their precious gems to design a bespoke piece of art, I can create something that can be admired daily ”.