It is not the first time that dogs amaze us with their innumerable talents, but this leaves everyone speechless! A scene to say the least surreal that Daniel Dragan, the owner of this white Schnoodle, in the state of Michigan has been captured.

After receiving numerous complaints from neighbours, the owner of this fun little dog named Tucker, decides to place cameras around the house. He was really curious to see what was happening at his house while he was at work and what he discovered, he is surrealist.

musical dog
© You Tube @ Daniel Dragan

According to the owner, the Schnoodle in his presence, was very calm and docile, therefore he struggled to believe that he was responsible for all the havoc mentioned by the neighbours. And yet, the cameras shoot everything and the incriminating video leaves the man thrilled.

Tucker, in fact, gets on the stool in front of a piano and starts to play and howl. A scene to say the least hilarious that has earned thousands of comments on social media. The video, on YouTube has reached more than one million views.

“Here is the new Beethoven,” comments Leo Garcia. In short, the passion for the piano of this dog has gone around the world and has also cheered the neighbours who had complained.