WATCH: The quietest room in the world, after 45 minutes you will go crazy!

A room so quiet that it became unbearable in less than an hour. This is the anechoic chamber created in the Orfield laboratories, in Minnesota, which manages to absorb almost 100 percent of the noise.

A place so lacking in sound that no human being has been able to stay there for more than 45 minutes! A room that is too quiet, in fact, is not necessarily pleasant!

anechoic chamber created in the Orfield laboratories, in MinnesotaThe room – small, with an internal shielding and almost completely soundproof (99.9%) – was created in 2012 with every detail in mind and the floor was also designed to absorb sound. But, instead of ‘finding peace’, many people in this room have experienced a feeling of unease, of restlessness, some even of fear.

Those who tried to enter it after a few minutes said they began to feel, in an increasingly intolerable way, first their breath, then the heartbeat and, finally, even the flow of blood. In practice, inside the anechoic chamber, every generally imperceptible noise becomes almost deafening, leaving room only for anxiety. Very few have managed to stay there without problems.

Also in the United States, in 2015, even a team of Microsoft experts wanted to create the quietest environment on earth. The result? They entered the Guinness Book of Records!