A television reporter was in spite of herself the protagonist of a real live disaster. In connection with the study of a newscast, the reporter inadvertently dropped the base that supported the bust of a statue, created by the artist she was interviewing.

It happened in Poland, where the correspondent Kinga Burzynska was interviewing, before an exhibition, the actress Anna Dereszowska, who for some time has been experimenting with sculpture and has also become an appreciated artist. The 38-year-old actress was with the reporter, who was interviewing her amidst some of her works. During the interview, however, the disaster occurs: the reporter steps back a few steps and, without realising it, hits the base of a statue, making it fall and almost completely destroying it!

The embarrassment of the reporter was inevitable, but apparently the young journalist was already forgiven by Anna Dereszowska, which on Instagram wrote: “Unfortunately one of my works will be missing, but somehow I will try to remedy what happened”.