WATCH: The restaurant where you can eat completely naked

It’s called “O ‘Naturel” and, as one can easily imagine from the name itself, it is a nudist restaurant in France.

To hide the guests of the place from the looks of passers-by, a white tent, which leaves no glimpse of anything, so as to ensure the privacy of those in the room. All diners are required to respect the Adam and Eve style code, while the waiters are dressed.

o'naturel restaurant parisThe inspiration to open a restaurant full of nudism in the Ville Lumière came from two twins, Mike and Stéphane Saada, who left the insurance sector to undertake this particular adventure.

The pioneer of nudism at the table was London, with the restaurant “The Bunyadi”, opened in June 2016.

Does the idea of ​​eating naked with other people not convince you?