A new way to stay in touch with your loved one comes thanks to technology, for all those for whom phone, whatsapp and social media are not enough. In fact, a Czech company has developed a hi-tech ring that transmits the heartbeat of the other person wearing the twin ring.

The link between ring and heartbeat is far less odd than it might seem. In ancient times it was believed that there was a vein that directly connected the ring finger of the left hand with the heart, and it is precisely for this reason that today the wedding ring goes right on that finger. Obviously, in reality all the fingers have the same type of blood connections, but the tradition has nevertheless remained.

The HB Ring (where “HB” stands for  heartbeat) was developed by The Touch, and is probably the most hi-tech ring ever released, with over 100 components including drums, LED matrix, connectors of recharging, electronic cards (moreover multi-dimensional, being the circular ring), sensors and actuators. The result is a relatively massive ring (it is 3.8 mm thick and 12.1 mm deep), but still wearable. Probably the biggest flaw from this point of view is that the ring cannot be adapted in size, since the ring would be irreparably damaged.

ring heartbeatThe HB Ring is coupled with a smartphone app, which must be activated to hear the heartbeat of the partner in real time. It is precisely the “real time” that distinguishes this new device from other gadgets that are already on the market (for example, the Apple Watch allows you to record your heart rate and then send the registration to another person).

The ring, on the outside, is finished in gold and sapphire crystal, and a variant is also planned that is finished in steel instead of gold (cheaper, costing $ 600 compared to 3,000 for the gold version). The company is currently accepting the first reservations for the rings, and the first deliveries are scheduled for November.