If you are afraid of making too many purchases with the sales, the iBag2 is the one for you. It is a smart handbag that can vibrate (and possibly even flash) when you enter areas at “expense risk”, and even hermetically close if these warnings are ignored.

The unusual handbag is the result of the collaboration of a New York fashion designer and an Irish robotics company, and is mainly intended for shopaholics – those people who buy objects in a sometimes impulsive way, often regretting it after the purchase.


Every time it is opened, the handbag reminds its owner of the purchase objectives, and also through a special app you can set zones “at risk” (which the bag then recognises via GPS), such as shop areas where one is prone to spend a lot, to make the warnings more insistent.

The most peculiar feature of the handbag, however, is the automatic closure, which can be set to activate in specific areas, or at certain times of the day, or even after a certain number of openings.

We have created iBag2 because we want to help people make better use of their money”, explained one of the creators. “Technology can make it easier for people to manage their finances, and iBag2 is an innovative solution that makes buyers aware of their buying impulses “. Unfortunately, the cost of iBag2 is not exactly popular: the bag in fact costs over 5,000 Dollars. A price that makes it likely that for many people it will be cheaper to risk buying something too …