WATCH: The smart duvet that will make the bed for you

A problem that ‘afflicts’ most of the population, regardless of age … Making the bed! But with a little creativity, and with the help of technology, there are those in Montreal, Canada, who have found a solution: “Smart duvet” (literally ‘intelligent duvet’).

The shape is that of a grid composed of inflatable tubes to be inserted between the duvet and the duvet cover. Once the air passes from a small device through the tubes, the light and breathable grid relaxes and the bed is ready again in a few seconds.

A project – born from the idea of ​​Tina Cayouette and advertised on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter – that does not replace your bed, nor your sheets or duvets, simply makes them more ‘smart’!

With the app it will also be possible to preset the time by which you want your bed ready!

The estimated cost is a few hundred Euro and together with the grid all the necessary equipment is included, from the connector to the connection system.

An invention that, as the team that designed it explained, “can help millions of people live happier lives, not having to rearrange their beds. After all, technology should help us in our everyday tasks”, so that we have more time for “what we love”.