We have seen so many objects connected to the network, but so far it has never happened to find a smart teapot, capable of preparing an infusion cup tailored to each person. The novelty comes from Teplo, an idea by  Load & Road, a startup founded in Boston by Mayuresh Soni and Kazunori Kawanobe, from India and Japan respectively, countries where tea culture is very important.

Looking at their own roots, but also in a market that is growing strongly in the United States and is around 2.4 billion Dollars, the couple has developed a solution that is careful in design and capable of producing the drink most suited to the drinker’s feelings.

Thanks to the integrated sensors, Teplo monitors environmental parameters such as temperature, air humidity and brightness but, above all, measures the heart rate and body temperature of the recipient of the cup through the fingerprint reader built into the teapot.

The amount of information is thus treated by an artificial intelligence that, based on the data, prepares the ideal tea to satisfy those who drink it. Once the preferred type of infusion has been chosen and water is added, a touch is enough to operate the teapot that registers the biometric data and produces a relaxing tea in case a person is under stress, or a more structured drink if fatigue makes her face from master.

Anyone wishing to test the quality of Teplo can order it on Kickstarter, where so far the project has raised just over 60 thousand Euro. The crowdfunding campaign serves the startup to accumulate the money necessary for the production of the teapot and cup included, for which it is necessary to shell out 299 Dollars and wait for April 2020 for delivery.