In the now overcrowded car sharing market, entrepreneurs strive to innovate by offering unique services. One of these is Timothy Hochstedler from Colon, Michigan, who created a unique “Amish Uber”. It is not actually affiliated with Uber, but it has come forward to meet the needs of a taxi-free area.

But while other passengers get into a car, Timothy’s customers jump aboard in a horse-drawn carriage. For just $5, the man takes Colon passengers on a scenic journey where they want.

Most of them do not come from Colon, but the people of Colon have made some inquiries as: ‘Will you give me a ride from Curly? Would you take me to my house?” And I, “yes, willingly“, said Hochstedler.

But how do you call Timothy and his horse, when the Amish are forbidden to use electronic devices? Obviously he doesn’t have an app or a smartphone. Instead, he just goes around the city in his carriage. It may seem a trivial service, and in many other contexts it undoubtedly would be, but for the world of the Amish it is a kind of revolution.

It was fascinating. It’s not an activity you typically associate with the Amish,” said Bruce Jordan, a tourist from out of town who offered his grandchildren for a ride on Timothy’s carriage.