David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to life imprisonment, an American couple arrested and tried for having chained and forced 13 children to live in cages for years.

Segregated in a real “house of horrors” in California, the little ones often did not even receive food and had no chance to play. To reveal the details of the terrible story was a 12 year old who managed to escape.

The little girl who had escaped from hell immediately called 911, the American emergency number: the contents of that phone call were heard during the trial.

The shocking tale of the little girl – “I live in a family of 15 and my parents are violent,” the girl said. “They abused me and two of my sisters were chained, I never went out,” she added, pointing out that she could not tell if anyone among her brothers needed medical attention. “Sometimes I wake up and can’t breathe because the house is so dirty.” To those who asked her when she had the last bath she replied: “I don’t know, almost a year ago”.