Tragedy touched Chongqing, in southwest China, which however ended with the hoped for happy ending. A three-year-old boy who accidentally fell from the sixth floor of a building was rescued by the crowd below with a quilt.

It was reported by CNN, which shows the video from the Chinese state television CCTV. In the video we see the dramatic moments in which the child hangs from the balcony of the house, with the body totally suspended in the void. From the images it seems that the little one tries to go back to the ledge without success, because his feet can’t hold on the slippery surface. A crowd was formed all around, called by the screams of the onlookers, and a group of people rushed to position themselves under the child with an improvised quilt.

One of the protagonists – CNN reports – told Chinese television those brief moments of terror and then the satisfaction of the rescue. “I looked up and saw the child dangling up there – says Zhu Yanhui – and I only thought of a way to be able to save the kid, but I knew that it would not work with my bare hands.” Yanhui, in a circle with seven other people, held out the makeshift quilt until, after 10 seconds, the child fell.

A few moments later he had landed safely on the sheet, demonstrating the efficiency of the makeshift solution. A neighbour then took the child, confused but unharmed, and took him to the hospital for a checkup. Residents, security guards and health workers were mixed up among the heroes who came to the rescue. The child, in conclusion to the frightening affair, has not reported traumas.