From a remote place in the Pakistani province of Punjab to conquer the web (and the world). A journalist is becoming famous all over the world who, sent to report the effects of a devastating flood, has chosen a decidedly effective method to transmit to the viewers the knowledge of the situation.

He is called Azadar Hussain, working for the broadcaster GTV and last week was sent to Kot Chutta, a town devastated by flooding caused by six days of uninterrupted torrential rains. In the whole of Pakistan, only in the last month, dozens of people have died: the beginning of the monsoon season has caused floods, lightning and incalculable damage to homes.

Live from a literally flooded city, Azadar Hussain chose to immerse himself in one of the most affected spots, thus showing viewers and colleagues in the studio the impressive level reached by the water, which reaches over his shoulders, up to his neck. Much more than a way of saying: in this case, the expression is completely literal.