For some it is the worst part of the journey. And yes, you have all witnessed them. Or maybe you did it too… as soon as the plane touches the ground, many passengers jump up and try to take back bags, backpacks and luggage.

The result? All still, crushed and agitated, waiting for the door to open. The right (and civil) way to get out? This is demonstrated by this video (in time lapse), shot on a low-cost plane by the WestJet company – full of Canadian passengers.

Well, people in the front seats are given precedence – as common sense should suggest. Doing so saves elbows, queues and unnecessary tensions. The footage was shot by flight attendant Louise Vadeboncoeur. Which he explained: “These men and women work on oil rigs and fly regularly from Fort McMurray (Alberta) to Calgary. But when they get off the plane, they leave me stunned every time” (Twitter / Darragh Doyle)