The taxi race in the skies continues to appeal to many companies, which try to slip into what should be one of the most profitable markets in the coming decades. The long list of those who are testing vehicles and technologies includes Vertical Aerospace, a startup founded in 2016 in Bristol, which aims to be the first on-demand taxi service in the UK by 2022.

An ambition that passes from Seraph , the second electric vehicle model able to take off and land vertically, which last August 22 completed the maiden flight at Llanbedr airport, in Wales.

(credit Vertical Aerospace)

Made of carbon, Seraph has 12 rotors, it is for now the first VTOL able to carry loads up to 250 kilos , it flies at a maximum speed of 80 km / h and can accommodate three people on board. The objective of Vertical Industries is to offer customised air travel, and for this reason the aircraft can be transformed according to needs: in addition to varying sizes, it also has ad hoc wheels for possible landings on the water.