Not only because he is a prince, William of England has a quiet character and maintains a certain aplomb on every occasion. Or rather, almost on every occasion because the Duke of Cambridge has shown that when there is cheering, he does not hold back !

Last Monday, the 36-year-old went to Wembley Stadium to watch his favourite team –  Aston Villa – play against Derby County.

Prince William has been a huge fan of the team since he was a child and, as he explained in an interview with the BBC four years ago: “I am passionate about Aston Villa and not about the usual teams because I want to have a roller coaster of emotions“.

Well, the roller coaster of emotions has arrived and you can see it all in this video – shared by the account of Aston Villa and reposted by Kensington Palace – which shows William’s reaction to the victory of his team:

Yes, Prince William has definitely let go of protocol and label! The game was particularly felt because with that success Aston Villa secured a place in the Premier League, which is the English Serie A. If you are curious to know who the person who embraces Prince William is, it is John Carew, former team player.