Adam Grant, a professor and psychologist,  has claimed his belief that both workers and employers would benefit if the working week was made up of four days. And come on, who are we to contradict the guy? Right? 🙂

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The professor has been insisting that the working week should be of four days. In his words, “the performance of employees is much better when the employer shows the value of its interest in their lives.” The professor and psychologist says he has enough research to show that workers can be much more efficient and creative if they works four days a week instead of from Monday to Friday. Wise words indeed!

It looks like Adam Grant is not the only person who believes in this theory. Historian, Rutger Bregman, through historical example also shows how if employees work less hours, the work outcomes is much better. These historical examples date back to the years 1920 and 1930. In fact, it was discovered that Henry Ford, the founder behind the Ford car, had found that if the workers work 40 hours instead of 60, their production improved. I mean, do we need to hear more? What are we waiting for?