Twenty-nine medicines are are going to be sold at a cheaper price, government officials announced today. They also announced the introduction of 14 generic medicines and 23 medicinal products of pharmacotherapeutic importance.

The price cuts include medicines to prevent the formation of blood clots, medicines indicated in erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, neuropathic pain and anti-inflammatories. For example, regabalin has been reduced by 67%, whilst other price reductions include 45% on eye drops for glaucoma, 30% on medicines for erectile dysfunction and 10% on antithrombotic medicines.


The medicine containing emtricitabine and tenofovir is now available at a price of €95 for 30 tablets. With the antibiotic fosfomycin where patients can save up to a maximum of 50%.

As mentioned before, 14 generic medicines are now accessible on the local market with a competitive price.

For the full list of medicine price reductions, click HERE!