Another disturbance on the way. After a first wave of bad weather at the start of the weekend, even today, Sunday July 14, the Italians will have to keep the umbrella within reach.

The instability vortex will not affect all of Italy: in most of the regions of the South and the Center they will in fact have clear or little overcast skies. It  is the North that will have to deal with rain and storms.

The experts of, underline that today the situation will normalise in many central and southern areas hit by yesterday’s showers. On the northern sectors, on the other hand, a low pressure vortex from the Ligurian Sea will be imposed, “giving rise to thunderstorms”. The Alpine and Prealpine sectors will end up under a heatwave, but in general the bad weather will touch all of Liguria and Piedmont, where storms are not excluded. Between the afternoon and evening, the increase in cloudiness could leave room for local thunderstorms also on the inland areas of Lazio , Abruzzo and Molise.

A yellow weather alert was issued by the Department of Civil Protection for Lombardy, most of Piedmont, Liguria, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. The 3BMeteo team completes the picture by adding that as early as Monday July 15, the cyclonic vortex will move rapidly towards the South. The result will be a clear improvement of the time to the north, while on the central-southern regions “the new week will begin under the banner of instability with rains and storms”. This might mean bad weather for us!