There are all the confirmations. What seemed like a hypothesis until a few days ago has grown to become a  weather forecast that, at least on the general lines, leaves little doubt: a powerful wave of African heat is about to arrive.

The African anticyclone – named Lucifer – ​​from Monday 24 (after an increase in temperatures already over the weekend) will bring fiery air widely over 35-38 degrees and up to 42-43 in some places. Experts also report that there may be peaks of 40 degrees.

Between Wednesday 26 and Saturday 29 June, we “could experience truly remarkable maximum values, even over 37 degrees.

A trend line also confirmed, which underlines the expansion of the heat wave across central Europe, with anomalies that will even reach 10 degrees, particularly between France, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. It seems the hypothesis of a “hyper-extreme” heat, as proposed by a model in recent days is becoming real.