For years, Lake Como in the summer has turned into ‘Lariowood’, but two new testimonials will be inaugurating the 2019 season: George Clooney, who is at home here, and his friend Barack Obama, expected to arrive tomorrow with a private flight from Provence, where he is on vacation with the whole family.

Even George is waiting for him in the family-man version: on Tuesday he arrived at Villa Oleandra in Laglio together with his wife Amal and the twins. In the village they noticed it… because everything was polished and the windows were wide open.

Harry and Meghan: George and Amal Clooney could be the godfather and godmother of the Royal BabyFrom the beginning of the month the “Clooney ordinances”, enacted by the mayor Roberto Pozzi to guarantee the privacy of the illustrious fellow citizen, have returned into force. It is forbidden to stand in front of the villa and take pictures. Now that Obama will also disembark on the lake, security is destined to become maximum.

For days, the prefecture of Como has been in fibrillation and even if the safety of the ex-president of the United States is entrusted to the United State Secret Service, in collaboration with the Italian secret services, to watch over what is only a private visit on paper will also be police, financial police and carabinieri. Today a new summit is planned to fine-tune the latest measures, but since yesterday in front of Villa Oleandra frogmen and bomb squad have started the reclamation operations.

“Laglio caput mundi”, the mayor jokes. “Barack Obama’s visit is an exceptional promotion for our territory and a great honour. The visit will take place on Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th June. The use and access of the Soldino stand behind Villa Oleandra will be forbidden, which will be used by security vehicles. Access to the Laglio pier will be prohibited, except for boat owners and access to the Riva Soldino beach will be prohibited. Furthermore, for television needs, two parking spaces will be occupied in Piazza Barelli. Some discomfort for a priceless image return. And may God help this go smoothly”.

It is not inconceivable that in addition to the spouses Obama the landlord can also invite other mutual friends, for example the leader of U2, Bono Voxwho is often a guest at Villa Oleandra, or even Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, who besides being great friends of George Clooney are also convinced democrats. Likely that George Clooney will show his friends Barack and Michelle the beauties of Lario, Bellagio above all, where in June 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a guest on an official visit and where on Saturday night the lake’s sky will light up for the fires of artifice of the festival of San Giovanni. Then there are Villa d’Este, Villa del Balbianello, Villa Carlotta and the other mansions of a thousand and one nights that the procession of the former president will be able to reach safely by lake, sailing from the dock at Villa Oleandra.

The menu that will be prepared by the villa’s chef is top secret, with the help of the chefs of some of the most exclusive restaurants of the lake, much loved by Clooney. Certainly Barack, Michelle and their daughters will not eat fries and hamburgers. George and Amal love Italian cuisine and wine very much, preferably Prosecco. Certainly there will be pizza, since George loves it so much – he built an oven at Villa Oleandra to taste it crunchy with his friends at any time of day or night. For Barack and Michelle there will be the rest of the summer to think about the line.