For sustainable and optimum weight loss, eating right has to be a priority. While we know that diet is an important part of a good weight loss strategy, the battle can get confusing when you go searching on the internet for the ‘best diet’. There are so many diet trends, fads that work (and the ones which definitely do not) which can baffle you. Plus, diets aren’t really one size fits all. Hence, it can get really tricky circling out the one diet to follow.

However, fret not. To clear out your diets, nutritionists and diet experts from across the world have collaborated to give their verdict on what really is the best diet which can help you lose weight. You will be surprised to find out, many of the ‘popular’ diets aren’t really weight loss friendly. If losing weight is your health resolution for the year, take notes. Here are the best and worst diets, according to experts.


The findings have been published in the US News and World Report’s 2020 rankings of the best diets. A certified panel of nutritionists and medical specialists involved in the field of diabetes, weight management, cardiac health compared a list of 35 popular and most followed diet plans, which included trendy and fad diet programs which made news on the internet.


The panel decided the rankings by marking the diets on seven categories, where they were ranked on a scale of 1-5. The parameters included nutritional profile, easiness to follow, sustainability for both short term and long term weight loss, safety, side effects, and health benefits (if they could help prevent or treat risk factors like diabetes, heart diseases, etc.)



Based on the ranking system, the Mediterranean diet was ranked as an overall best diet for weight watchers, beating many other diet trends in the loom. The Mediterranean diet was named not only the overall best diet, but the easiest diet to follow, the best at preventing diabetes, and the best plant-based diet.



The diet which focuses on eating less red meat, sugar, and saturated fat push dieters to include more nuts and whole grains. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, experts say that the Mediterranean diet can help people beat out a host of other health problems, including diabetes and promote heart health. It also ranked highly on “ease of following” because of its simplistic nature.


The flexitarian diet, another talked about diet plan came in second to the Mediterranean diet for its compelling benefits ranging from promoting good weigh loss and hailing heart health. DASH and the MIND diet were also praised in the report for their additional health benefits and conscious eating approach.


Bad news, Keto fans. The diet has been ranked as the ‘worst’ diet plan for weight watchers, fairly because of its rather restrictive nature.


While there is no denying that Keto can work for you and help lose the battle of weight management, it is also a far more dangerous diet than any.


In fact, the panel also stressed the difficult sustainability of restrictive diets like Keto, along with low-carb, high fat in the long run. Apart from this, other diets like raw food diet, whole 30 diet were also ranked in low because of the lack of ease in following them and the rather rejection of healthy food groups the diet require.