Most of us have listened to it (unfortunately) and we all made up our own opinions. If you have no idea what we are talking about, scroll down and watch the video… Anyhow, there were some pretty colourful comments about this performance…

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So now that a couple of days have passed, we decided to make an analysis of what happened… Let’s just say that the tuning was very off, and that is just to start with… why did this happening? What could have caused her to be off pitch like this? How can this happen to someone so talented?

Let’s say Madonna is mostly about theatrics. All the action in her shows makes it harder for her to not compromise her voice. Yet, ain’t she trained to do this? To separate the body movements from the singing techniques? Looks like not and her voice seems to have deteriorated through the years. Unless it was because her mind was not in the right place since she knew she had planned a controversial part in her show…

We do not think she was properly trained to do what she does.She has a brightness in her voice when she goes up, her voice colour is wonderful but she doesn’t seem able to use it properly.  She was not just a little it off during her ESC2019 performance – no tuning, no pitch control! She was flat!

Now, singing live in such a large space is difficult but she should be pretty used to it. Such a big space and event does not mean that the sound for the singer is not crappy, but for Heaven’s sake… how did the other (maybe less trained) singers like Michela do it?! Even when the sound is bad, her brain should have been able to focus; having done this for so many years.

The reality of it is that even though she knew the choreography, a lot of times even before a show like this might have been rehearsed very little or none at all. So in the end there is stuff throwing you out all the time. Yet as a professional this should not have happened. Her mind should have stayed on.

Needless to say… I pity those who went to the arena on the night just to see her! It surely was all about the money and selling in, but come on… this was pretty much unacceptable!