The government has published proposed regulations for micro-vehicles, including electric scooters, for public consultation. Under the proposed regulations, drivers of electric scooters will require a driver’s license and will need to be insured, both if the scooter is owned individually or part of sharing scheme.

Is the proposal for drivers of electronic scooters to require a driving license and insurance over the top and downright silly? Or is it something you agree with?

Reacting to a public consultation on new rules governing the use of scooters and other micro vehicles, AD said that while imposing a speed limit on electric scooters was understandable, the proposal to require registration, insurance and a driving license was excessive.

The Minister should make streets safer and move away from his obvious assumption that streets are there to serve the perceived needs of cars over and above the needs of everyone else,” AD said.

The party said that the government’s “over the top proposals” on electric scooters were the wrong response to a new way of travelling that was less harmful to people, towns, villages and ultimately the planet.

What is your say?