What happens to those who eat raw frankfurters? The risk for those who eat raw frankfurters is that they are contaminated with listeria, a bacterium that can only be eradicated by heating them. Although it is very rare as a danger, it is good to pay attention especially to American frankfurters produced by super-intensive farms. Among the most common listeriosis symptoms: fever, chills, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Another reason that recommends not to eat raw frankfurters concerns their processing. To guarantee long conservation, in fact, chemicals harmful to health are added. To avoid ingesting them, therefore, their cooking is highly recommended, the only one capable of destroying most of these additives that would certainly not be good for our body.

How should frankfurters be prepared? The frankfurters must be eaten cooked in the oven or boiled by the expiry date shown on the wrapper. They can be eaten once a week. The recipes are very many, but it is better to cook and heat the frankfurters separately. Whoever thinks of preparing a sandwich with frankfurters will have to heat these first and then the sandwich, not together. Be careful to always remove the yellow jelly. If you buy products with already cooked frankfurters such as panzerotti, pizzas, products to be enjoyed on the street, you must make sure that you do not have stomach problems with fried foods. If you buy frankfurters, choose Italian products and eat them on the day of purchase.

Are frankfurters good or bad for your health? They hurt. According to some studies, and according to WHO issues, they are harmful to our health in that they carry diseases, sometimes serious like cancer. Frankfurters cause damage, in some cases even serious for health. In fact, there can be a lowering of the immune defences with the consequence that different diseases contract. The frankfurters also create inflammation and clog the arteries, thus increasing the risk of having a heart attack. Finally, frankfurters are to be considered among the most carcinogenic food products, and should absolutely not be given to our children for any reason.

How are chicken frankfurters prepared? They are prepared by squeezing the carcasses of birds. It is called mechanically separated meat or pink slurry, a by-product of slaughter. The procedure is very simple. After removing the breast and thighs and discarding the skin, legs and neck, the chicken carcasses are transferred to special presses, where they are ground and passed through very fine sieves to eliminate bone residues. In the end you get a real pink mush. Then thickeners and preservatives are added and someone also uses to add polyphosphates to increase the amount of water retained.

Are there excellent quality frankfurters? Sure. There are excellent quality frankfurters made with selected meats. Reading the labels is fundamental to choosing them well, it is very important to pay attention to the fact that the quality or part of the animal with which they are made is specified. In reality, frankfurters cannot be considered a healthy food, like all sausages. But they only hurt if they are abused or cooked badly. If the use of mechanically separated meat (Csm) is indicated on the sausage label, the product is certainly not of high quality. In fact, it uses the meat residues left attached to the bones.