We often find ourselves imagining what could be done in life if the current account marked a balance much higher than the current one.

Holidays, cars, a new home, are certainly the most popular desires. Well, sometimes the luck smiles just when you least expect it: and it happened to several people in the world who have won millions and millions of Euro in just one evening.

Stories are often heard of people who have won a lot of money and given themselves to the good life, but some are more extraordinary than others. For example, the Guinness World Record recorded the highest payout in an online casino was in 2011. Luck stopped for a few hours in Norway, where a man managed to win 11.8 million Euro in just one night!

However a much higher winning has been registered in another online casino. We have news of a 26 year old Englishman who won 17.8 million Euro. Same script for unexpected winnings. When he saw all the money credited to his bank account he decided to improve his life and try to live as a “rich man”, without forgetting his family. The lucky winner helped his family and a lot of money was given to charity .


Many men and women might not have entered the Book of Records but still have won a lot of money in online casinos and even their story is worth telling! In November 2017, for example, a young German man saw his game evening end with €4 million in assets. The boy, evidently has decided to move house and have a private cinema installed at home. Nice way to invest your money!

The Nordic countries seem the luckiest: in Sweden a woman won €7.6 million in slot machines. To those who understand it will seem absurd given that slot machines need time to increase the jackpot in this way. Well, someone made it and with the money earned now the lucky winner travels the world.

addiction-betting-casino-slotmachineIn Venice, a man won three million Euro in slot machines at the casino. We have no news of the lucky Venetian, but we are sure that he too is having a good life or at least, a richer life than before.