Many have been wondering – how is it possible that so many travelled during the Carnival holidays and yet it seems we are still so calm and pretending it’s life as usual?

It’s been 15 days from the mast day of Carnival holidays and by now we were fearing the worst. Somehow it still hasn’t happened (not that we want it to)… else it is being covered up not to cause mass panic.

Anyhow, back to what we were saying before. many have been complaining about the fact that the Government and many that follow, have been trusting people and relying on their good faith… was it a good move?

We believed it wasn’t (as many ither as well) and alas, we have been proven right. read the post below by a person who is front line working with people at Mater Dei, doing his best to help patients…

Whilst we thank him for being honest… now what?