Generally, American children who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 have mild symptoms. Although some serious cases and deaths have been recorded. This was underlined by the Americans Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc) in a new study, the largest conducted so far on children and the new coronavirus. In particular, experts explain, the first results show that infants and male children may have a higher risk of infections and develop a serious disease. Even if the experts still don’t know why.

By examining approximately 149,000 new coronavirus-positive people in the United States registered between February 12 and April 2 last year, the researchers found that the cases among children under 18 years of age were less than 2%. A low percentage of children, who on the whole reported mild symptoms or lack of symptoms. Although children are therefore less likely to develop symptoms of the new coronavirus than adults, analyses also showed that in this age group it is not excluded that “a serious respiratory disease that can lead to hospitalisation may develop”, reads the new report. “Social distancing and preventive measures therefore remain important for all age groups, as patients with a less serious disease and asymptomatic ones probably play an important role in the spread of the disease”.

(photo: Maxym Marusenko / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In particular, the analysis showed that the symptoms, such as cough and fever, were not reported as often in children as in adults: only 73% of children developed fever, cough and shortness of breath, while in the same period of time the 93% of adults between 18 and 64 years reported to have more severe symptoms. Data, therefore, which confirm the previous results of the Center for the control and prevention of Chinese diseases, according to which the new coronavirus in some way, still unknown, seems to save the little ones. As we told you , in fact, although children have the same chances of contracting the new coronavirus of adults, most of them had mild symptoms or were asymptomatic.

The new report, however, also revealed that some children developed a more serious disease, with 147 young patients undergoing hospitalisation, 5 of them in intensive care and three deaths. In the hospitalisation rate of children (20%), the researchers explain, it was however lower than that achieved by adults (31%). But, in the paediatric age group, less than 18, infants were the most frequently admitted:  of the 95 Covid-19 positive infants, in fact. the 62% was hospitalised. “We know that children’s immune responses develop over time,” Yvonne Maldonado of the American Academy of Paediatrics explained to Time . “In the first year of life, children do not have the same solid immune response as older children and adults.”

In addition, an increasing number of research suggests that the male sex is the one most affected by the new coronavirus. For example, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently reported that men accounted for around 70% of Covid-19 deaths in Europe in late March. While one study of ‘ Higher Health Institute (ISS), which involved over 25 thousand positive cases to the new coronavirus, found that male patients have a mortality rate higher than women.

According to some experts, these data could be due to the fact that the male population is more prone to smoke and pre-existing diseases, such as diabetes . But in the new CDC report, it was found that 57% of the children and babies affected by Covid-19 were male. “This suggests that other biological factors may influence this difference in susceptibility between the two sexes to the new coronavirus,” concluded the researchers of the new report.